Get your celebration on.

When we celebrate, we like to pop some vintage Krug, shave truffles onto our scrambled duck eggs, and save the caviar for the next morning’s brunch.  Here’s what we will or wish we could take home.

Caviar & Service

kaluga (CA farmed sturgeon roe) $102/oz.
california osetra $89/oz.
israeli osetra $94/0z.
hackleback $42/oz.
for your blini etc.:
german butterball potatoes
maine grains buckwheat flour
vermont creamery cultured creme fraiche
dwight martin’s free-range eggs
maine duck eggs
vermont quail eggs
salmon and trout roes
for inspiration:


cured meats

benton’s country ham
iberico hams: bellota and non-bellota, bone-in or boneless, fermin
serrano ham: redondo, fermin
guanciale, la quercia
prosciutto & speck , la quercia
lardo, salumeria billese
mortadella, fra mani
salami toscano, nostrano & salametto, fra mani

Finishing Touches

nut oils: almond, argan, hazelnut, pistachio, pumpkin seed, walnut
finishing oils: australian mustard oil, smoked olive oil, real white truffle oil
fresh black winter truffles, with two-day pre-order
fresh white truffles, with two-day pre-order, ltd.
jacobsen flake sea salt & smoked salt
black lava salt from hawaii
spicy honey infused with scorpion chiles
chestnut and acacia honey from mario bianco
shichimi togarashi
korean mild chili threads
piment d’espelette
aleppo chili
urfa & marash chili
grains of paradise
indonesian long pepper

earthy & Funky

garlic, black fermented
fresh mushrooms: chanterelle (very limited), matsutakes (very limited), hedgehogs, black trumpets, maitake, honshemeji, oyster
really nice frozen porcini mushrooms $15.95/#
macomber turnips, which happen to be A+ with oysters
 puy french green lentils (A.O.C.)
hearts of palm, with two-day pre-order
beets & baby beets, all types
native purple kohlrabi
german butterball potatoes
russian banana fingerling potatoes
full-size heirloom carrots: chantenay, yellow sun, purple dragon
olives, taggiasca
truffle products: carpaccio, flour, honey, juice, peelings, oil, salt
aged shoyu: small batch aged soy sauce from Japan
white shoyu, when you want the briny richness of soy but not the dark caramel notes
red boat fish sauce, bourbon-barrel aged fish sauce, and fish salt
last of the season heirloom squashes
local heirloom radishes: black, watermelon, purple diakon
native organic sunchokes
romanesco cauliflower


fuyu persimmons
red currants
lemons, preserved, belazu
buddha’s hands
cara cara pink navels
finger limes (limited)
meyer lemons, blood oranges, kumquats
fresh yuzu (limited) and yuzu kosho
french white verjus from Perigord
red verjus from 8 brix
minus 8 vinegar
cepa vieja sherry vinegar (aged 40 yrs in oak barrels)
villa manadori balsamic vinegar
fresh olive company’s rose harissa
balsamic vinegar made from apples
vin jaune vinegar from Jura

hearty Greens

county line farms baby mixed chicories
purple & baby brussels sprouts
single variety chicories: escarole, radicchio, trevisano, belgian endive
red or green (cut and cleaned) watercress


By Diego Maldonado