Field-grown Rhubarb, Wild Ramps & Blackberries

Spring evolves.

 Awesome spring stuff in now–stay tuned for morel updates on some very cool new things we’re adding to our extensive collection of artisinal dry goods.


Now in:  Soom Tahini is here, and we’re excited.  We were skeptical at first that one tahini was really much different from the next, but when Ana Sortun suggests we try it, we listen.  This rich, creamy tahini is really something else.  The flavor is much cleaner, and perhaps that’s because the sesame seeds are the best of the lot, direct imported from Ethiopia.  But the texture truly sets it apart: rather then settling into a mortar-like paste topped with a layer of oil, this tahini stays smooth and mostly emulsified, which means you can spontaneously reach for it anytime you want to use it, and it’s approximately a thousand times easier to make sauces from it.  It’s also very reasonably priced, and comes in 1# jars.  You need this, you just don’t know it yet.

Also in: #thegrainproject continues.  In addition to stone-ground heirloom grits and cornmeal, we now have Maine Grains bringing us the best grains grown in Maine: wheat, rye, triticale, and buckwheat.  Additional varieties are available, too.  All inquiries: call and speak with Alison.

Remember: grains are produce, too.

Maine Grains

Available in 5# bags:
Heritage Wheat Flours
Hard Red “Magog” Wheat Berries
Spelt Flour
“Red Fife” Flour
“Marquis” Flour
“Overland” Pastry Flour
Rye, Triticale & Buckwheat
Rye Berries
Triticale Berries
Coarse Rye Meal
Rye Flour
Organic Japanese Buckwheat Flour


Spring things

First of the Season
Native Fiddlehead Ferns
Lemon Verbena (Saturday)
New Jersey Asparagus (nice purple tips!)
Arriving Tuesday from France
French Jumbo White Asparagus (case only)
Blue Foot Mushrooms
Best of the Season
Wild Ramps
Field-grown Rhubarb from Oregon
Fresh Green Almonds
Oregon Morel Mushrooms
King’s Crown Jumbo Asparagus
Organic Spring-dug Parsnips from Maine
Stinging Nettles from Knoll Farms
Fava Leaves from Knoll Farm
Green Garlic from Knoll Farm
Cardoons from Knoll Farm
Mustard Flowers from Knoll Farm
Fresh Georgia Peas

beautiful Greens

Equinox Mesclun Mix
Baby Pea Shoots (limited)
Equinox Farms Mesclun Mix

 Spring Fruit

Champagne Mangoes
Seedless Pink Muscat Grapes
Blood Oranges
Cara Cara Pink Navels
Paige Mandarins
Meyer Lemons
 Oregon field-grown Rhubarb


Oregon Morel Mushrooms
Blue Foot Mushrooms (Tuesday)
Honshemeji Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms
Fresh Trumpet Royale
Fresh Chef’s Mix Mushrooms

Roots, bulbs, radishes

Last of the Season Chantaney Carrots
German Butterball Potatoes
Russian Banana Fingerlings
Spring Onions (small bulbs starting soon)
Baby Artichokes (very limited)
Fresh Garbanzo Beans
Fresh Fava Beans
California Snap Peas
Fresh Heart of Palm (pre-order only)
French Breakfast Radishes (very limited)
Easter Egg Radishes
Orange, Purple, Green Cauliflower
Jerusalem Artichokes
Salsify Root
Watermelon/Black Radishes
Purple/Green Daikon
By Diego Maldonado