Frog Hollow Peaches, White Nectarines & Native Strawberries

Now In: First of the season Frog Hollow Crimson Lady Peaches.

We also have Will Brokaw’s Gem Avocados. They have a short season of a few weeks. This buttery avocado is known for its exceptional texture and flavor.

Now is the time to try Hodo Soybeanery’s legendary Yuba skin.  If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the skin that forms on the vat of soybean milk as it’s being turned into tofu.  It’s considered a delicacy and after tasting it, we know why.  See what they do here. Or watch Daniel Patterson make it look easy here.  SF Chronicle’s article on Hodo Soybeanery’s Yuba is pretty much a who’s who of CA restaurants.

Fitz Kelly Peaches, White Peaches, Yellow Nectarines and White Nectarines are in.   We have some beautiful native Chive Blossoms and some native Nasturtium Blossoms.

Say Goodbye: to all spring Knoll Farm products, Muscat Grapes, and Ramps.

Fresh Yuba Skin from Hodo Soybeanery

Will Brokaw’s Avocados

Pell Farm Strawberries

Frog Hollow Farm
Brentwood, CA

Crimson Lady Peaches
Golden Rainier Cherries

Fitz Kelly Farm
Reedly, CA

May Crest Peaches
Virgin Blush White Peaches
Zee Fire Yellow Nectarines
Lovely Lolita White Nectarines

Native Produce

Native Fiddleheads
Native Stinging Nettles
Native French Breakfast Radishes
Native Asparagus
Native French Breakfast Radishes
Native Easter Egg Radishes
Native Baby Turnips
Native Fava Leaves & Green Garlic
Ward’s Farm Nasturtium Flowers
Native Spring-dug Parsnips from Hadley, MA

NJ Asparagus
Native Chive Blossoms (ltd)
Wild Oregon Morel Mushrooms-

Fresh Maine Duck Eggs
-from Hershberg Family Farms-

perfect with asparagus and morels

Willamette Rhubarb Growers

Canby, OR

Field-Grown Rhubarb

Equinox Farm

Sheffield, MA

Native Mesclun Greens
Baby Arugula
Baby Pea Tendrils 

Now in Season:

Fresh English Peas
Fresh Fava Beans
Fresh Green Garbanzo Beans
California Sugar Snap Peas
Spring Onions, with tops
Holland White Asparagus

Black Radish
Watermelon Radish
Romanesco Cauliflower
Orange/Purple/Green Cauliflower
California Sugar Snap Peas

California Bing Cherries
California Apricots
California Peaches
California Nectarines
Yellow Watermelons

Champagne Mangos
California Kumquats
Meyer Lemons
Pomegranates (Chile)

By Diego Maldonado