Heirloom Winter Squash, VT Apples, and Local Crucifers


Time for New England to shine.

Excellent variety of heirloom apples from Scott Farm Orchards, in Dummerston, VT are now in.  Equinox Farms is back with their one-of-a-kind mesclun.  Heirloom variety carrots are starting up.  Beets and turnips are getting local.  Speaking of, Macomber Turnips from southeastern MA are in.  Fresh American Chestnuts are here. Husk cherries from Maine are here, as are cranberries.

86, Season Over, No Mas: Corn, Heirloom Tomatoes, Emerald Beaut Plums

market update

Scott Farm Apple Orchard- Dummerston, VT

Rhode Island Greening

Calville Blanc d’Hiver

Cox’s Orange Pippin



Dolgo Russian Crabapples

Farm Girl Farm- Great Barrington, MA

Baby Turnips

Baby Red & Gold Beets

Wilson Farm- Litchfield, NH

White Cauliflower

Romanesco Cauliflower

Purple Cauliflower

Fresh Lima Beans

Green Sunshine Farm- Hodgdon, ME

Chantenay Carrots

Yellow Sun Carrots

Russian Banana Fingerlings

Sparrow Arc Farm- Copake, NY

Watermelon Radish

Purple Boar Radish

Green Daikon

Black Radish

First of the Season

Fresh American Chestnuts

Macomber Turnips

Cold Hollow Vermont Apple Cider

Equinox Farm- Sheffield, MA

Native Mesclun

Ward’s Farm- Sharon, MA

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Georgia Candy Roaster

Rouge Vif d’Etampes

Uchiki Red Kuri Squash

Sugar Pumpkins

Delicata Squash

Green Beans/Yellow Wax Beans

Yellow Romano Beans

Fresh Start Farm- Lisbon, ME

Husk Cherry Tomatoes

Riverdog Farm- Guinda, CA

Organic Mixed Medley Tomatoes

Also Available

Native Hen o’ the Woods Mushrooms

Fresh Oregon Chantarelles

Fresh Oregon Matsutake

Maine Tri-Color Pole Beans

Baby Brussels Sprouts

French Butter Pears

Comice Pears

Sekel Pears

Frog Hollow Warren Pears

Concord Grapes



California Plums

Fresh Oregon Huckleberries



By Diego Maldonado