Jumbo asparagus NOW IN

All about that grass.

Jumbo (and standard) asparagus from Stockton, CA, are now here.  Want to continue to enjoy them in years to come?  Read on.


If you’ve ever had a guest say to you “this is the best (name that produce) I’ve ever tasted,” you’ve got more than just an opportunity to bask in the glow of a job well done.  You’ve got a chance to start a conversation with your guests about why the thing they’re tasting is so different from what they have access to on a daily basis at a regular grocery store.

Fewer California asparagus growers are in business these days.  The Victoria Island asparagus, which we’ve loved and carried for years, is gone.  It’s gone because cheaper asparagus, from Mexico and Chile, are taking over.  The main driver of this trend are the big-box grocery stores, who favor price over quality while trying to appease a year-round demand for what used to be a seasonal product.  The loss of Victoria Island asparagus is a clear example of the impact this has on those of us that like our food to actually have flavor.

Fortunately, we found another premium west coast grass.  We are excited to have King’s Crown jumbo (and standard) asparagus, from Stockton, CA this year.  The terrior of Stockton is particularly suited to growing some of the best west coast asparagus we’ve tried, superior to Salinas.  Here at Specialty, we remain committed to flavor over cost.  Get the asparagus on your spring menu–and talk to people about it.

Arriving Saturday 3/19

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On the left: baby pea tendrils from Equinox Farms: limited availability

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Spring fruit: tough game

Spring is a challenging time for fruit, but there are a few things worth noting.

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Lest we forget: citrus is still delicious.  Don’t abandon her just bc you want a spring fling.  It’s some of the best fruit in the walk-in!
By Diego Maldonado