Knoll Farm Purple Artichokes, French White Asparagus, Spring-dug Parnsips

These artichokes are dangerous and beautiful.  The spikes are no joke, and neither is the flavor.  Limited supply.

Gorgeous Chive & Onion blossoms abound.  Jumbo White Asparagus is here, and you have choices: true French, and it’s somewhat less expensive cousin, Dutch.  Both by the 11# case, only.  California Asparagus is here as well, the “Delta Queen” label from Klein Family Farms in Stockton.  Any of these would be well-matched with our fresh weekly Duck Eggs from Hershberger Farm, up in Unity, Maine.

All kinds of pea tendrils: we have the larger ones, big enough for wilting but tender enough to eat raw, from Knoll Farm.   We also have the smaller local pea shoots, which look and taste best raw or barely wilted.  We still have stinging nettles, although they’re no longer from Knoll Farm, and the season will be ending on those soon.  Finger limes and black trumpet mushrooms are done for the season.  Fresh GA peas are back in stock, and ramps are in full swing.

Fresh Maine Duck Eggs
-from Hershberg Family Farms-

Wild Oregon Morel Mushrooms
Wild Virginia Ramps
Spring-dug Parsnips from Maine
Chive Blossoms
Onion Blossoms
Fresh Green Almonds

Knoll Organic Farm

Brentwood, CA

Purple Artichokes
Green Garlic
Fava Leaves

Wild Rapini
Wild Mustard Flowers (ltd)

Rising C Ranch

Reedley, CA

Cara-Cara Oranges
Moro Blood Oranges
Meyer Lemons
Shasta Mandarins

Green Sunshine Farm

Hodgdon, ME

Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes
Carola Potatoes

Fishbowl Farm

Bowdoinham, ME

Organic Spring-dug Parsnips

Willamette Rhubarb Growers

Canby, OR

Field-Grown Rhubarb

Ripley Farm

Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Yellow Sun Carrots
Purple Haze Carrots

Stick & Stone Farm

Ithica, NY

Purple Boar Radish
Green Daikon

County Line Harvest

Petaluma, CA

Baby Mixed Heirloom Chicories

Equinox Farm

Sheffield, MA

Native Mesclun Greens
Baby Pea Tendrils (ltd)

Now in Season:

Fresh English Peas (very ltd)
Fresh Fava Beans
Fresh Green Garbanzo Beans
Vidalia Spring Onions, with tops
Holland White Asparagus (with pre-order)
Native Baby Pea Tendrils
Black Radish
Watermelon Radish

Romanesco Cauliflower
Orange/Purple/Green Cauliflower

Fresh OR Wild Morel Mushrooms
Fresh Oregon Hedgehog Mushrooms
Fresh Oregon Yellowfoot Mushrooms

French Crosnes
Jerusalem Artichokes
Macomber Turnips 

Seedless Pink Muscat Grapes
Champagne Mangos
California Kumquats

Comice Pears
Pomegranates (Chile)

By Diego Maldonado