Magic Mushrooms from Rhode Island

We are excited to bring on board the Rhode Island Mushroom Company.

Before formally incorporating as the RI Mushroom Co., early in 2013, the company started out as a pilot project in an 8’ x 8’ room in the basement of Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI.  On a shoestring budget, using vaporizers from Wal-Mart to create the necessary humidity and shop vacs to clean up the excess water, they expanded into a 9’ x 15’ space where we were able to grow about 400 pounds of mushrooms per week.  Demand quickly outstripped supply, space was at a premium and expansion was needed.  By the end of November 2013, their new computer-controlled greenhouse was up and running, producing a total of 1000+ pounds of Blue Oyster, Golden Oyster and Pioppino mushrooms per week.  With three grow rooms up and running, they’ve gone from humble beginnings to the becoming largest grower and distributor of specialty mushrooms in the Northeast.
We had a chance to chat with Mike and Bob, the two proprietors of RI Mushroom, and ask them some questions about what they do.

What made you decide to go into mushroom growing?

 Mike and I started the company to fill a void that we found in the Northeast for superior quality, specialty mushrooms.

Anything you wish chefs (and servers, and consumers) realized about your product that they might not know?  

We do not uses any pesticides or fertilizers in our greenhouses and all of our farm waste is sent to a local composting company.


What is the most satisfying part of what you do?

 We enjoy the personal relationships we have with our local chefs and customers.  In addition, we have close ties to the surrounding community…working with local colleges and universities to improve and promote sustainable agriculture in Rhode Island.




By Diego Maldonado