Next-level Korean Sauces: Meet Rhei Maid

Every now and then, we come across an ingredient that changes the way we cook.  It becomes an indispensable secret ingredient in our kitchens and homes.

Rhei Maid’s Gochujang adds chili heat and  the necessary edge to many dishes, even if they’re not  spicy dishes per se.  The deep, rich umami present in Rhei Maid’s Doenjang ads salt and funk in a way that salt alone cannot.  Sometimes these ingredients are featured as a main component of the dish, and sometimes we just use a little bit to lift all of the other flavors, add dimension, and make ingredients fully come alive.

Why Rhei Maid, rather than commercial products?

Family Pride.   These recipes have been lovingly passed down over generations since royal times.

Handmade.  Mary Rhei’s mother (Mama Rhei) started making this at home, then sharing it with her church congregation members, then selling it at her small grocery store, then selling it at her larger shop, as demand grew.  Today, Mary continues her mother’s hand-made tradition, overseeing the careful sourcing of ingredients, and proper aging of every batch.
Living product.  The gochujang is still, in fact, fermenting when you receive the product, which is why it must be refrigerated, and doesn’t last forever.
Yes, chef:  these products are made the right way, not the easy way or the quick way.  As a result, the taste is layered and complex rather than simple and one-note.



By Diego Maldonado