NYE 2018

These gorgeous County Line Mixed Chicories belong on every winter menu. It’s like a tiny chicory jewel box offering a juicy, slightly bitter counterpoint to sweet things like dried fruits, sour things like heirloom citrus, and salty things like pecorino or ricotta salata. First of the season Knoll Rapini and Cardoons expected ***Saturday***.  Crosnes are here.  Also known as Chinese Artichoke, Knotweed, and perhaps coolest of all, Artichoke Betony, these have the winning nuttiness of a sunchoke, textural pop like a water chestnut, and taste really good with other white winter root veg, or prepared in the style of carbonara.  Last of the season fresh Yuzu in house.  Rising C Ranch Blood Oranges are in.   Red currants are gapping and should return next week, though not necessarily in time for nye .   Heirloom winter squashes are basically done, and only the commercial varieties, plus a little delicata and sugar pumpkin, are all that’s left to be had.  Wild mushrooms now include Hedgehog and Yellowfoot.  This is the last week for Chanterelles.  Black Trumpets are limited.

First of the Season

French Crosnes
Knoll Farm Cardoons (SATURDAY)
Knoll Farm Rapini (SATURDAY)

Rising C Ranch- Reedly, CA

Buddha Hands
Satsuma Tangerines
Cara Cara Pink Navels
Meyer Lemons
Fresh Yuzu last of the season
Blood Oranges

Frog Hollow Farm- Brentwood, CA

Warren Pears
Pink Lady Apples

Scott Farm Apple Orchard- Dummerston, VT

Rhode Island Greening
Hudson Golden Gems

County Line Harvest- Petaluma, CA

Baby Mixed Heirloom Chicories

Green Sunshine Farm- Hodgdon, ME

Yellow Sun Carrots
Purple Haze Carrots
Russian Banana Fingerlings
Bintje Potatoes

Sparrow Arc Farm- Copake, NY

Watermelon Radish
Purple Boar Radish
Green Daikon
Black Radish

Sugar Hill Farm- Columbia, ME

Maine Heirloom Cranberries

Also In Season

Israeli Fuyu Persimmons (Sharon Fruit)
Gilfeather Turnips
Baby Purple Brussels Sprouts
Baby Brussels Sprouts
Celery Snowflake
Fioretti Cauliflower
Romanesco Cauliflower
Red/Green Little Gem Lettuce
Red Watercress
Red Baby Kale

Finger Limes
California Kumquats
Fresh American Chestnuts
Cold Hollow Vermont Apple Cider
Black Trumpet Mushrooms (ltd)
Fresh Oregon Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Fresh Oregon Hedgehog Mushrooms
Comice Pears
Sekel Pears
California Quince
Honeycrisp Apples

Cured Meats

benton’s aged country ham
iberico hams
serrano ham: redondo, fermin
guanciale & lardo
prosciutto & speck, la quercia
mortadella, fra mani
salami toscano, nostrano & salametto, fra mani
hot sopresatta, ndjua, finochiona, new england charcuterie

Finishing Touches

nut oils: almond, argan, hazelnut, pistachio, pumpkin seed, walnut
finishing oils: bergamot agrumato, smoked olive oil, real white truffle oil
jacobsen flake sea salt & smoked salt
black lava salt from hawaii
chestnut, agrumi and acacia honey from mario bianco
yuzu shichimi togarashi
sansho pepper
aged Japanese tamari
piment d’espelette
urfa & marash chili
grains of paradise
indonesian long pepper
soom tahini and date molasses
Japanese black and gold sesame pastes
salty black sesame seeds
cold-pressed white sesame oil

By Diego Maldonado