Ramps, meet Duck Eggs

Ramps are in full swing.  They’re currently from Michigan, and in about two weeks, we’ll start seeing ramps from the East coast.

Market Update

White Asparagus from Holland, Pacific Fiddlehead Ferns, Fava Beans, Sweet GA Peas, and Oregon Morels are in full swing.  Expecting a limited supply of Bluefoot Mushrooms to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week.

You know you want to put a duck egg on it.  Now, you can.  We’ve got Duck Eggs from Hershberger family in Unity, Maine: non-gmo fed, sustainably raised ducks kicking out some good eggs.  Maybe with some of those ramps from the picture.  Morels wouldn’t suck either.  Show us your huevos on Instagram, we dare you.   

The Knolls continue to send us amazing stuff: green garlic, cardoons, fava leaves, stinging nettles, plus limited amounts of radish and mustard blossoms.  Their mixed heirloom chicories are finished for the season.  And check out our interview with Rick Knoll and read about their “beyond organic” approach to growing great food.

Champagne Mango season started a bit later this year–what we initially saw in the market a month ago we weren’t happy with.  But now, Champagne Mangoes are beautiful, ripe and aromatic–and the answer to “what fruit should I be using right now?”  Speaking of, while we don’t usually crow about commercially-grown fruit, the “purple label” Driscoll Blackberries, here for a short time only, taste like sunshine and jam.  

Many of you have been asking about stone fruit, and our answer is: patience–not yet (or at least, not anything you’d want to eat.)  Keep up to date on information as it’s happening regarding shortages and fresh arrivals on our Twitter page, @specfoodsboston.

And in case you missed it, and have Cardoons on the brain (like you do), check out Tony Maws reminiscing about the first time he met a cardoon here.

By Diego Maldonado