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Quality over quantity:  we try and make that our approach to everything we source, and our cheese program is no exception. It’s a carefully curated selection of funky, nutty, crumbly, creamy wheels that can be featured on a cheese board, melted into a sauce, or folded into an insanely decadent mac ‘n cheese.  Not all of you have the time to come over and visit the SFB cheese cave, so we launched cheese week last week to give you a glimpse of what we’re digging right now (see Instagram and Twitter).

Read on in the privacy of your own home, as you might be salivating more than is appropriate for public.

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*cheese featured in cheese week

The Blues

*Gorgonzola Piccante (Italy, cow): piquant, spicy, with wood and mushroom tones
Gorgonzola Dolce (Italy, cow): aromatic, buttery
*Fourme D’Ambert (France, cow): cylindrical, creamy, pungent
Roquefort Society (France, sheep): slightly salty, intense
*Queso Valdeon (Spain, cow/goat): bold, spicy, hearty
*Queso Cabrales (Spain, cow/goat/sheep): strong, assertive
Cashel Blue (Ireland, cow): intense, creamy, strong veins
*Point Reyes Blue (California, cow): creamy, peppery, strong veins
*Maytag Blue (Iowa, cow): rich, creamy, tangy
*Middlebury Blue (Vermont, cow): zippy, crumbly
*Mossend Blue (Vermont, sheep): sweet, peppery
*Bailey Hazen Blue (Vermont, cow): fudgy, nutty, anise-y
*Berkshire Blue (Massachusetts, cow): bright, sour, tangy
*Great Hill Blue (Massachusetts, cow): dense yellow, mild


*Pierre Robert (France, cow): buttery, smooth, mild
Saint Andre (France, cow): rich, dense
Boucheron (France, goat): bright, floral
Brillat Savrin (France, cow): luscious, creamy, faintly sour
Delice de France (France, cow): rich, creamy
Robiola due Latti (Italy, cow/sheep): milky, grassy, rich
Tallegio (Italy, cow): tangy, very soft, aromatic
*Oma (Vermont, cow): organic, silky, spreadable
*Lake’s Edge (Vermont, goat): ash veins, clean, pure
Dorset (Vermont, cow): buttery, seasonally influenced pungency
*Champlain Valley Triple Crème (Vermont, cow): earthy, very creamy
*Harbison (Vermont, cow): wrapped in spruce, soft, earthy
*Simply Sheep (New York, sheep): mushroomy, grassy


*Grafton Cheddar 2 year (Vermont, cow): slightly sharp, clean, dense
*Cabot Cloth Bound (Vermont, cow): firm, nutty, complex
*Shelburne Farms 2 year (Vermont, cow): creamy, sharp, tangy


*Grana Padano (Italy, cow): dry, parmesan style
Pecorino Romano (Italy, sheep): sharp, salty
Pecorino Toscano (Italy, sheep): sweet, nutty, robust
*Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy, cow): intense, crunchy
*Gouda Pradera (Netherlands, cow): firm, almost crumbly, caramelly, complex
Sarvecchio (Wisconsin, cow): salty, parmesan style


Mahon (Spain, cow): sharp, tangy, lemony
Manchego (Spain, sheep): nutty, buttery, smooth
Garroxta (Spain, goat): milky, delicate, tangy, clean
Sottocenere with Truffle (Italy, cow): mild, studded with truffle pieces
Gruyere (Switzerland, cow): musty, slightly sweet
Boggy Meadow Fiddle Head Tomme (New Hampshire, cow): rich, natural rind

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