Spring Begins

Market Updates: First of the season Knoll Farm Green Garlic and Stinging Nettles arrive Saturday.  Greengage plums are over.  Cool new things: Baby Red Mizuna from Lakeville.  On the pod, super fresh, quarter-sized leaves.  Baby (ish) Pink Treviso– about half the size of regular red treviso, same oblong shape, beautiful half-pink, half-pale green leaves.  Speaking of chicories, we continue to have the excellent Radicchio di Castelfranco, and we are also doing our own house mix of Heirloom Chicories, and it’s a jewel box of cool things like tardivo, pink radicchio, red endive, Castelfranco and more.  Muscat Grapes are here.  Heirloom citrus continues, but the lineup has changed, see below.

pink treviso

From the Pantry: Yuzu Togarashi is the jam.  Think single-source, mixed by the grower in Japan, with a yuzu-peel dominant profile.   Outstanding partner to some of the new spring veg coming in.


Baby Red Mizuna
Baby Pink Treviso
Japanese Negi (ltd)

Knoll Organic Farm

Brentwood, CA

Stinging Nettles
Green Garlic
Wild Rapini



Rising C Ranch

Reedley, CA

Cara-Cara Oranges

Moro Blood Oranges

Seville Sour Oranges

Meyer Lemons

Page Mandarins



Green Sunshine Farm

Hodgdon, ME

Russian Banana Fingerlings

Bintje Potatoes


Ripley Farm

Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Organic Rainbow Carrots 

Yellow Sun Carrots

Purple Haze Carrots


Sparrow Arc Farm

Copake, NY

Watermelon Radish

Black Radish

Purple Boar Radish

Green Daikon


County Line Harvest

Petaluma, CA

Spigarello Kale


Equinox Farm

Sheffield, MA

Native Mesclun Greens

In Season:

Pink Muscat Grapes
Fresh Red Currants
CA Kumquats
Radicchio di Castelfranco
SFB Mixed Chicories
California Red Walnuts
Arrowhead Cabbage
Romanesco Cauliflower
Orange/Purple/Green Cauliflower
Fioretti Cauliflower
Red & Green Gem Lettuces
Red & Green Watercress

Fresh Oregon Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Fresh Oregon Hedgehog Mushrooms
Fresh Oregon Black Trumpet Mushrooms

By Diego Maldonado