no longer winter, not quite spring

Welcome back, above-ground plant life.

 Awesome spring stuff in now–stay tuned for mid-March updates on muscat grapes, champagne mangos and king’s crown jumbo asparagus, late next week.

Early Spring things

Richter Farms Rhubarb from Washington
Greengage Plums from NZ
Organic Spring-dug Parsnips from Maine
Stinging Nettles from Knoll Farms
Mustard Flowers from Knoll Farms*
Green Garlic from Knoll Farms
Wild Rapini from Knoll Farms

land and sea umami

colatura de alici
boquerones from Collioure
red boat fish sauce
aged Japanese shoyu
white shoyu, when you want the briny richness of soy but not the dark caramel notes
shiro miso
aka miso
fermented black garlic, peeled or in husk
iberico ham: bellota, non-bellota, bone-in or boneless, fermin
serrano ham: redondo, fermin
guanciale, niman ranch
lardo, prosciutto & speck , la quercia
mortadella, fra mani
parmasean reggiano
dutch gouda pradera

earth and dirt

FullSizeRender 9

red flint floriani grits // polenta
morgan mill’s stoneground yellow cornmeal
morgan mill’s white jonnycake meal
fresh mushrooms: hedgehog, yellowfoot, black trumpet*, maitake, honshemeji, oyster
heirloom black calypso beans
eye of the goat beans
purple sticky rice
beets & baby beets, all types
truffle carpaccio, in olive oil
bintje and Russian fingerling potatoes
full-size heirloom carrots: chantenay, yellow sun, purple dragon
olives, taggiasca (meaty, buttery, amazing with rabbit)
pistachio oil
local heirloom radishes: black, watermelon, purple diakon
macomber turnips, gilfeather turnips
native organic sunchokes
salsify root
parsley root*


rising C blood oranges
lemons, preserved, belazu
seville sour oranges
tango madarins
meyer lemons
cara cara pink navels
oroblancos and pumellos
fresh red currants*
french white verjus from Perigord
maple verjus from 8 brix
red versus from 8 brix
minus 8 vinegar
yuzu juice
yuzu kosho
villa manodori balsamic vinegar (made by this guy)
fresh olive company’s rose harissa
tomato balsamic
apple balsamic
blackcurrant vinegar
citron // calamansi vinegar

beautiful Greens

2015-05-28 11.52.39-1

equinox farms mesclun mix
equinox farms pea shoots*
county line farms baby mixed chicories
green & purple baby brussels sprouts
single variety chicories: escarole, radicchio, trevisano, belgian endive
red & green baby cut watercress
red-veined sorrel
cardoons from Knoll Farms
sakura mix, Koppert Cress, with two-day notice*


bee local smoked honey coming March 15th!
bee local scorpion chili-infused honey
chestnut honey
highland sugar works maple syrup
agave syrup
pomegranate molasses
rose and orange blossom water
Tahitian vanilla beans
Madagascar vanilla beans
Tcho dark, milk and baking chocolates
By Diego Maldonado