Delta Queen Asparagus, Morel Mushrooms and California Red Walnuts

You oughta know: limited amount of Harry’s berries available each week; we strongly suggest you call to reserve a flat if you want them.  Season over on bergamot and oro blancos; the remaining heirloom citrus is rapidly winding down.  No stone fruit yet: there is some desert-grown product available on the market, but it’s not very good, we are waiting for the tasty stuff.  Fava leaves are gapping, and currently there are none, not yet sure when they’ll return.

Have you tried the seasonally-available Red Walnuts yet?  They do more than look sexy on the plate.  Freshness = high oil content = buttery/fatty/rich.  Not tannic!  Enjoy raw walnuts again.  Or candy them- they are so creamy inside, that the contrast between a crispy shell and creamy interior would be a lovely thing.  See the nice photo below ↓

Now Featuring:

Delta Queen Asparagus from Stockton, CA
Oregon Morel Mushrooms
Black Trumpet Mushrooms (limited)
Maine Pea Tendrils
Michigan Ramps
English Peas
French and Dutch White Asparagus
Fresh Green Almonds
Eastern Fiddlehead Ferns

Onion and Chive Blossoms
Oregon “Crimson Crown” Rhubarb
Champagne Mangos
Fava Beans
Green Garbanzo Beans
Fresh Green Almonds
California Red Walnuts

Knoll Organic Farm

Brentwood, CA

Heirloom Purple Artichokes (limited)
Stinging Nettles (limited)
Green Garlic
Wild Rapini

Rising C Ranch

Reedley, CA

-all last of the season, plan accordingly-

Cara-Cara Oranges

Moro Blood Oranges

Meyer Lemons

Page Mandarins

Sorrento Lemons

Watermelon Radish
Black Radish
Purple Boar Radish
Green Daikond

Equinox Farm

Sheffield, MA

Native Mesclun Greens

In Season:

Pink Muscat Grapes
CA Japanese Negi (limited)
Baby Red Mizuna

Arrowhead Cabbage
Romanesco Cauliflower
Orange/Purple/Green Cauliflower
Fioretti Cauliflower
Red & Green Gem Lettuces
Native Nasturtium Leaves
Pink Ice Petite Watercress

By Diego Maldonado