Dragon Tongue Beans, Fresh Black Currants and Wild Maine Blueberries.

Dragon Tongue Beans, Fresh Black Currants and Wild Maine Blueberries.

Coolest thing in the cooler: Richter’s Black Currants.  You know Richter Rhubarb, this is the same farm.  These are remarkable: they taste like red meat, pepper and dark berries.  Beyond the pastry kitchen, these would be excellent on duck, quail, squab, lamb or venison.

Wild Maine Blueberries have started up, and they’re super tasty. Native-style Strawberries from Canada are still available.  From Frog Hollow: Peaches, Nectarines (current favorite), Plums and Pluots.  Limited Santa Rosa Plums from Knoll Farm.  Fresh and local Sour Cherries are available and make

An incredible array of local summer beans are here.  Tricolor Snow Peas, from Caribou Lake Organics are tender, sweet and hold a lot of their color if flash-seared or barely cooked.  Green and Yellow Romano Beans are going strong.  Beautiful tricolor pole beans (a mix of green, purple and wax) arrived from Maine.

Heirloom Melons from Full Belly Farms: Galia, Ambrosia, and Sharlyn are here.  Each one we’ve cracked into has been fragrant and luscious.

Returning Monday: Lemon Cucumbers and Native Corn!

Gapping:  Duck Eggs from Maine temporarily unavailable.  Local berry availability changes daily depending on weather.  Native Raspberries and Blackberries are sporadic and not available every day  are no longer available.

86: garlic scapes, chive blossoms

First of the Season

  • Wild Maine Blueberries
  • Richter Black Currants
  • Richter Red Currants
  • Tri-color Pole Beans
  • Fresh Dragon Tongue Beans
  • Native Heirloom Tomatoes(ltd)
  • Fresh Oregon Huckleberries
  • Purple Kohlrabi (ltd)

Fishbowl Farm- Bowdoinham, ME

Native Mesclun

Songbird Farm- Starks, ME

Pea Tendrils

Caribou Lake Organics- Washburn, ME

Tri-color Snow Peas

Orbaker’s Farm- Williamson, NY

Fresh Sour Cherries

Ward’s Farm- Sharon, mA

  • Baby Red/Gold/Candy Beets
  • Baby Turnips
  • French Breakfast Radishes
  • Green & Yellow Wax Beans
  • Green & Yellow Romano Beans
  • Red Currants
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries (ltd)
  • Blackberries (ltd)

Frog Hollow Farm- Brentwood, CA

  • Zee Lady Peaches
  • Flavor Top Nectarines
  • Flavor King Pluots

Fitz Kelly Farm- Reedly, CA

Virgin Blush White Peaches

Full Belly Farm- Guinda, CA

  • Galia Melons
  • Ambrosia Melons
  • Sharlyn Melons

Riverdog Farm- Guinda, CA

  • Organic Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Organic Mix Medley Tomatoes
  • Orange Sungold Tomatoes
  • Early Girl Tomatoes

Also in Season

  • Canadian Strawberries
  • Wild Oregon Pousse-Pied
  • Fresh Chantarelles
  • Fresh Lobster Mushrooms
  • Washington Bing Cherries
  • Golden Rainier Cherries
  • CA Peaches
  • CA Nectarines
  • CA Plums
  • Black Mission Figs
  • Meyer Lemons
  • Champagne Mangoes
  • Field-Grown Rhubarb
  • Baby Artichokes (ltd)
  • Fresh Fava Beans
  • Green Garbanzo Beans
  • CA Sugar Snap Peas
  • Romanesco Cauliflower

-Amp it up-

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Ham: for your grits and greens
Kutik’s Creamed Honey: with whipped butter and salt on anything
Heiwa Tofu: excellent small-batch tofu, from organic Maine soybeans
Rhei Maid Gochujang: your fourth of July needs gochujang ribs
Rhei Maid Doenjang: make your mushrooms magical
Hayden Mills Organic Polenta : grown by the Ute Indian Tribe, stone-ground for us
Steen’s Cane Syrup: tastes like a cross between molasses, maple syrup and sugarcane juice
New England Charcuterie: all kinds of good things here

By Diego Maldonado