Mixed Medley Tomatoes, Santa Rosa Plums, Sour Cherries

Summer is in full swing.

From Terra Firma Farm:  first of the season Heirloom Tomatoes, from California, now in.  From Full Belly Farms, we have  “mixed medley” tomatoes.  Knoll Farm Santa Rosa Plums and Yellow Nectarines are here. Native Strawberries are plentiful and sweet.  Fresh arrival of Native Blueberries from Ward’s here.  Black Mission are in pints, and gorgeous.  Champagne Grapes just started up.

From the Larder:  if you’re looking for a summer-weight vinegar to enhance all your sexy veg and stone fruits, without covering them up, consider Acetorium’s white balsamic vinegar.  Made from a late-harvest Sylvaner and Riesling blend, this well-balanced, slightly syrupy acetified wine adds sweetness and tartness without getting in the way.  These vinegar from Acetoria are among the best we’ve tried.  By the 250 ml bottle.  Specify “small bottle” on your order.

86: Green Garlic, Chive Blossoms

Also happening: We had two great tours of the shop this week.  Big thanks to the crews of Toro Boston and Flour Bakery for coming out to visit us!  Call to schedule a tour for you and your crew so they can learn about all the love we put into selecting the very best for you.



Mid-Summer’s Best

Terra Firma Farm Heirloom Tomatoes
Full Belly Farm Mixed Medley Tomatoes
Mixed Flats of Sungolds and Sweet 100’s (ltd)
Native Chamomile (v ltd)
Native Strawberries
Native Blueberries
Jersey Blueberries

Frog Hollow “Red Top” Peaches
Fitz Kelley Nectarines
Knoll Farm Santa Rosa Plums
Washington Bing Cherries
Golden Rainier Cherries

Holland Jumbo White Asparagus
Field-grown Rhubarb from Oregon
Fresh Green Almonds
Native Fresh English Peas
Fresh Fava Beans
Fresh Green Garbanzo Beans
Equinox Farm’s Mesclun Mix

   Summer Fruit

Champagne Mangoes
Golden Rainier Cherries
Blood Oranges
Meyer Lemons
California Cherries
California Peaches
California Nectarines
California Apricots


 Oregon Morel Mushrooms
Oregon Chanterelle Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms
Honshemeji Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms
Fresh Trumpet Royale
Fresh Chef’s Mix Mushrooms

Roots, Bulbs & Radishes

Maine Organic Carrots
Spring Onions
Baby Artichokes (very limited)
Fresh Garbanzo Beans
Fresh Fava Beans
California Snap Peas
Fresh Heart of Palm (pre-order only)
Native French Breakfast Radishes
Native Easter Egg Radishes
Orange, Purple, Green Cauliflower
Jerusalem Artichokes
Watermelon/Black Radishes

-Amp it up-

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Ham: for your grits and greens
Kutik’s Creamed Honey: with whipped butter and salt on anything
Heiwa Tofu: excellent small-batch tofu, from organic Maine soybeans
Rhei Maid Gochujang: your fourth of July needs gochujang ribs
Rhei Maid Doenjang: make your mushrooms magical
Hayden Mills Organic Polenta : grown by the Ute Indian Tribe, stone-ground for us
Ethiopian Berbere Spice : Marcus Samuelsson puts it on beef tartare and pineapple
New England Charcuterie: all kinds of good things here

By Diego Maldonado