Lemon Verbena, Frog Hollow Apricots, Native Asparagus

Summer is the best.

Frog Hollow fresh arrival of Peaches, Apricots and Plums this Friday. Lemon Verbena Wednesday, limited quantities.  Fresh arrival of Native Asparagus from Hadley, MA in this morning.  Black Mission are now in pints, and gorgeous.  Rainier cherries are no longer Frog Hollow, but commercial are available.  Bing Cherries in full swing.  Six dozen pullet eggs left for the season- perfect for a weekend special.

Say goodbye to Knoll Farm greens: fava leaves, rapini, pea tendrils, green garlic- all winding down rapidly.  Will be gone before the week is over- menu change time.  Don’t bother with romanesco right now- it’s just not that nice.

Rumor has it:  *limited* quantities of Native strawberries will be available for the next two days, and will likely gap again after that for the remainder of the week.  Knoll Farms *might* pick some Santa Rosa plums for us today, if they think they are ripe enough.  We will know for sure when our shipment arrives tomorrow.  NJ blueberries should begin soon.

86: Spring Dug Parsnips, Ramps, NJ Asparagus

Also happening: We will be out on the town for the next two days with Benjamin Butler, the miller and pasta maker from Hayden Mills, in Arizona.  In case you missed it, these folks mill heirloom semolina and flour to order for us from varieties such as Blue Beard Durum, and White Sonora Wheat.  Call us if you’d like a visit!


Spring things

Frog Hollow “Crimson Lady” Yellow Peaches
Frog Hollow “Goldensweet” Apricots
Wild Oregon Pousse Pied
Maine Fiddlehead Ferns
Lemon Verbena (limited)
Native Lovage (limited)
Native Asparagus from Hadley, MA
Native Chive Blossoms

Holland Jumbo White Asparagus
Field-grown Rhubarb from Oregon
Fresh Green Almonds
Stinging Nettles from Knoll Farms
Fava Leaves from Knoll Farm- last of the season
Green Garlic from Knoll Farm- last of the season
Cardoons from Knoll Farm
Mustard Flowers from Knoll Farm (Saturday)
Fresh Georgia Peas
Fresh Fava Beans
Fresh Green Garbanzo Beans
Equinox Farm’s Mesclun Mix

   Spring Fruit

Champagne Mangoes
Golden Rainier Cherries
Blood Oranges
Meyer Lemons
Spanish Galia Melons
California Cherries
California Peaches
California Nectarines
California Apricots


 Oregon Morel Mushrooms
Oregon Porcini Mushrooms
Oregon Chanterelle Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms
Honshemeji Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms
Fresh Trumpet Royale
Fresh Chef’s Mix Mushrooms

Roots, Bulbs & Radishes

Maine Organic Carrots
Spring Onions
Baby Artichokes (very limited)
Fresh Garbanzo Beans
Fresh Fava Beans
California Snap Peas
Fresh Heart of Palm (pre-order only)
Native French Breakfast Radishes
Native Easter Egg Radishes
Orange, Purple, Green Cauliflower
Jerusalem Artichokes
Salsify Root
Watermelon/Black Radishes

-Amp it up-

Steen’s Cane Syrup: make that cornbread dope
Heiwa Tofu: excellent hand-made tofu from organic Maine soybeans, awesome with peas, favas, green garbanzos, snap peas, pea tendrils…
Rhei Maid Gochujang: your fourth of July needs gochujang chicken wings
Rhei Maid Doenjang: your magic umami paste, more rustic and funky than miso
Stone-ground Heirloom Cornmeal : from our friends at Keisler’s Mill, in South Carolina. 
Vadouvan: curry by way of France, heavier on the shallot and garlic
New England Charcuterie: all kinds of good things here

By Diego Maldonado