Frog Hollow Stone Fruit, Champagne Grapes & Garlic Scapes

What’s New?  Glad you asked.

We have some super cool new items that just came in.

Tinned fish from La Brujula and Jose Gourmet is here.  Go to our catalog and check it out.

Iacopi Dried Beans from Half Moon Bay, CA: if you’re in the know, then you know- these beans are in a class of their own: creamy, no split skins, incredible depth of flavor, don’t really need soaking.  Cranberry, Borlotti (yes there’s a difference), Gigante and Butter Beans are now in.

Market updates: fresh cranberry beans are OVER almost as fast as they began.  The reason why is kind of positive- it’s not yet a commodity crop, therefore, a few guys grow them, and when they’re out, they’re out.  Stone fruit is STRONG and we have several varieties from Frog Hollow and Boldt Farm.  Muscats are over, Champagne grapes have begun.  And the Santa Rosa plums from Knoll Farm are out of sight.  

Down the pike:  Week of July 7th/8th, expect thing like first of the season California heirloom tomatoes and mixed medley tomatoes, and native fava beans.  Mid-month, perhaps around the 15th, start looking for native currants, gooseberries, beans, and if we’re lucky raspberries.  Stay tuned!

Coming Attractions:  Is vanilla just vanilla?  Not according to Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, or Sqirl restaurant.  These chefs all are using Heilala Vanilla beans and extract, among other reasons, because “It tastes so natural, super pungent — you’re getting that essential vanilla-bean flavor. It’s not watered down,” it tastes “almost creamy,” and “It’s made responsibly, both on an environmentally sustainable level (the beans take forever to grow and cure) and on a humane level,”   Read the full write up here, and keep your eye on our Instagram feed, we expect this excellent vanilla to arrive soon.

Now Featuring:

Frog Hollow Peaches
Frog Hollow White Apriums
Frog Hollow Apricots
Frog Hollow Rainier Cherries
Boldt Farm Nectarines
Boldt Farm Pluots
Knoll Farm Santa Rosa Plums (outstanding)
1st of the Season Champagne Grapes
County Line Agretti
Brokaw “Gwen” Avocados

Native = Local = In Season Now

Native Strawberries
Native Rhubarb
Native Green Strawberries (ltd)
Equinox Mesclun Mix
Spring-dug Parsnips
Native French Breakfast and Easter Egg Radishes
Native Baby Beets: Red, Gold & Candy
Native Fresh English Peas
Native Fava Beans (Monday)
Native Mixed Summer Squash
Native Garlic Scapes
Native Baby Carrots
Native Baby Turnips
ME Pea Tendrils

Now in Season:

CA Peaches, Nectarines, Cherries, Rainier Cherries
Champagne Mangoes
Fresh Lychee
Yellow Watermelon
Black Mission Figs (in baskets)

Nasturtium Leaves
Nasturtium Flowers
Squash Blossoms
Spring Onions
Green Garbanzo Beans
Romanesco Cauliflower
Fioretti Cauliflower
Arrowhead Cabbage 

Red Mizuna

By Diego Maldonado