Heirloom Chicories, Passion Fruit, Green Garlic

A shipment arrived containing some of the most incredible chicories we’ve ever seen come through our warehouse.  Pictured above are the mixed heirloom chicories, baby size.  We also have Rosa di Gorizia, pictured below, variegated Castelfranco radicchio, and pink Radicchio del Veneto.

Who says late winter has to be all root vegetables?  The crisp chicories above are a natural pair with the heirloom citrus that’s at its peak right now.  Blood Pumellos, new to us this year, are everything you want in a grapefruit but can’t get, like a perfect acid-to-sweetness ratio, and a grapefruit-meets-tangerine peel aromatic oils.  Oroblancos, also known as melogolds, are another grapefruit cousin with white-gold flesh and, as billed a mellow sweetness.

Muscat Grapes are now in, and Knoll Farm Green Garlic is arriving twice weekly.  Richter Rhubarb is now available.  The short Greengage Plum season is now here- use fresh, or lacto-ferment some for later.  Expected Saturday: Will Brokaw’s Passion Fruit!  From Will Brokaw, grower of the excellent avocados we are anticipating in about two weeks.  A first for us, can’t wait to try it.

86/season over/no mas: all winter squash

1st of the Season
Brokaw Passion Fruit
Champagne Mangos

Mixed Baby Heirloom Italian Chicories
Variegated Castelfranco Radicchio
Pink Radicchio del Veneto
Rosa di Gorizia 

Rising C Ranch- Reedly, CA
Blood Pumellos
Paige Mandarins
Meiwa Kumquats
Cara Cara Pink Navels
Meyer Lemons
Santa Theresa Lemons
Moro Blood Oranges
Seville Sour Oranges
Fresh Bergamot

-Rosa di Gorizia Radicchio-

Knoll Farms- Brentwood, CA
Wild Rapini
Green Garlic

Weiser Family Farms- Tehachapi, CA
Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Harmony Meadows Farm- Smyrna Mills, ME
Fingerling Potatoes

Frith Farm- Scarborough, ME
Black Radishes

The Buckle Farm- Unity, ME
Watermelon Radishes

Red Fire Farm- Montague, MA
Green Kohlrabi
Purple Kohlrabi

Queen’s Greens- Amherst, MA
Green Daikon
Purple Daikon

Two Farmers Farm- Scarborough, ME
Organic Rainbow Carrots
Organic Purple Dragon Carrots
German Butterball Potatoes

Fishbowl Farm- Bowdoinham, ME
Organic Yellow Kimbe Carrots

-pink radicchio del Veneto-

Now in Season

Artisan Red Gem & Little Gem Lettuce
Artisan Mixed Baby Head Lettuce
Blue Sky Mesclun

Cut Baby Watercress
Firecracker Red Mizuna

Oregon Hedgehog Mushrooms
Oregon Black Trumpet Mushroom (Sat)
Trumpet Royale Mushrooms
Chef’s Mix Mushrooms

Green Garbanzo (limited)
Baby Garnet Yams
Celery Root
Cippolini Onions

-variegated Castelfranco radicchio-

Baby Brussels Sprouts
Purple Baby Brussels Sprouts
Romanesco Cauliflower
Fioretti Cauliflower
Shanghai Baby Bok Choi

Muscat Grapes
Richter Rhubarb
Fuyu Persimmons
Medjool Dates

By Diego Maldonado