Spring Begins

Spring produce is beginning, slowly and then suddenly.  Here’s the outlook:

Now: Equinox Mesclun, Knoll Farms Stinging Nettles and Green Garlic, Brokaw Passion Fruit, Champagne Mangoes, Richter Rhubarb, Muscat Grapes, Greengage Plums

Limited Special: Pink Pineapples!  These have beautiful pink flesh throughout and are quite sweet and delicious.  More perfume than a typical pineapple.

By the weekend: Fresh Green Garbanzos, Fresh English Peas, and Fava Beans

NOT YET:  Knoll Farm Artichokes in about a week.  Sometime in the next two weeks, we expect to see Greg Paul (Stockton) Asparagus, and Wild Ramps.  The outlook on Morels is poor- early-season morels come from China, and even if there were pickers available, they couldn’t be flown in.

Notes // 86: fresh red currants

First of the Season
Brokaw Passion Fruit
Champagne Mangoes
Pink Pineapples (limited)
Knoll Farm Stinging Nettles

Rising C Ranch- Reedly, CA
Page Mandarins
Blood Pumellos
Cara Cara Pink Navels
Meyer Lemons
Moro Blood Oranges
Seville Sour Oranges
Fresh Bergamot

Equinox Farms- Sheffield, MA
Mixed Baby Mesclun

Knoll Farms- Brentwood, CA
Green Garlic
Stinging Nettles
Wild Rapini

Harmony Meadows Farm- Smyrna Mills, ME
Fingerling Potatoes

Frith Farm- Scarborough, ME
Black Radishes

The Buckle Farm- Unity, ME
Watermelon Radishes

Red Fire Farm- Montague, MA
Green Kohlrabi
Purple Kohlrabi

Queen’s Greens- Amherst, MA
Green Daikon
Purple Daikon (ltd)

Two Farmers Farm- Scarborough, ME
Organic Rainbow Carrots
Organic Purple Dragon Carrots

Fishbowl Farm- Bowdoinham, ME
Organic Yellow Kimbe Carrots

Now in Season

Artisan Red Gem & Little Gem Lettuce
Artisan Mixed Baby Head Lettuce

Cut Baby Watercress
Firecracker Red Mizuna

Kyoto Carrots
Oregon Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Oregon Hedgehog Mushrooms
Trumpet Royale Mushrooms
Chef’s Mix Mushrooms

Spigarello Kale
Romanesco Cauliflower
Fioretti Cauliflower
Baby Brussels Sprouts
Shanghai Baby Bok Choi

Champagne Mangoes
Muscat Grapes
Greengage Plums
Richter Rhubarb

By Diego Maldonado