Important Update from Specialty Foods Boston

“We’re all in this together” is a cliché, but in this case it couldn’t be more accurate. Our success has always been entwined with yours.  When you’re busy, we’re busy.  When you’re slow, we’re slow.  We’ve always thought of ourselves as partners in your success, and you’ve certainly been partners in ours.  We’ve tried to create relationships with all of you that are intimate and personal, and in turn you have rewarded us with a degree of trust and loyalty that is humbling and inspiring.

We all still adjusting and learning how to navigate this evolving situation, but for those of you who are continuing to offer take-out and delivery, we will be here for you.  At this point we will continue to be open six days a week, but with a very limited staff and shortened hours of 7am-noon.  We’ll be buying everything day-to-day, with the goal of giving you the freshest possible food so that it doesn’t spoil if it takes longer to use.

No one knows what we’ll face in the weeks ahead.  Right now, our world is more unpredictable than any of us would like it to be and it feels like we are all united in anxiety.  But this crisis is also a reminder that we are all in this community together, and it is with that spirit that we will get through it – together.  Now, more than ever, we offer you our support, and in turn extend our deepest thanks for yours. 

By Diego Maldonado